Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Few Forms

I see it all too clear
Used to yearn for graininess
Now I vote for a triptych
Place the setting in the wild
walking the daylight in the silhouette
door of the church housing
the slipstream in the institute
of our pleasures swept
in belonging Outside or in
I'll prove to you that it needs to be

in the insufferable schematics
of guidebooks. The crowd is perfect
in their mediocrity. I have known
that dissatisfaction

at what point does the Art World
overtake the real world?

Monday, May 10, 2010

Prayerful Room

Commentary: JD and I journeyed into the city.
It did not become a pilgrimage until he started
bringing John Cage alive across from
the bar and the bean. I zoned out to a Jasper Johns
     matchsticks painting on the train.
We traveled by the rubbed charcoal of his half
and the finite streets of my mirror. 
We talked about the separate yet not dissociated energy
of the canvases. I composed a piece in my own tin pan alley
a mile from Carbondale as Cage understood.
It is the  hundred and one sparks when only a half
of the canvas matters at a certain stop on the station.