Thursday, July 30, 2009

Relaxing with music - a paragraph

Withdraw. It is an excellent meditation. Suffering plenty from
the plans that advance to completion and the preparations
for the next step, a relaxation is needed. Hard work is not
called for. Distractions are asked for. I have no knowledge
of classical music. Nonetheless, I can hear it pleasing
in the background. Sometimes I listen to a well-loved song
of the pop variety. I listen to the words as if the songwriter
had turned the phrase to melody only a few hours ago.
In a new place I find static and Ramblin' Jack Elliott's plea
to the crowd of which I am one. All the accessories
of my bicycle ride, which I will embark on, lay here
and there around the dwelling. I know where each one is.
My visualization consists not of strength but of safety,
not too much listlessness, not too much rapture.

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