Friday, October 2, 2009

The Guides

I am more a question -
a proposition
I notice two guides who have followed
every proof the advanced class offers
to this point. I examine my life.
I believe I am a great mathematician
whose experience has been effaced.
Once more, I am trying to learn the rules.
As the class takes their seats, they are of one kind,
and it is this. This is given to them.
The guides walk briskly to and fro.
I sit in the front row. My condition is a question.
The other students here are the numbers. They exist.
     The guides begin to teach.
They say something to a girl in the second row.
A guide explains to the girl that she is the occupant of her desk.
If this is allowed to continue, the guide will next tell her
that one number is not the next. The guide herself realizes
the gravity of the situation.

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