Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Village

Find the lost time of a train that has already left.
She travels on the plains easily seen from a mile away.
Her destination is a village I am hurrying toward.
It began thirty years ago. I wanted to tell you earlier
that I only travel by nature trail. Stop me at this signpost.
Enjoy the view through a row of birch trees.
I understand you've lost track of time.

I'm beginning to save the minutes that are spent by a pond.
Even the frogs remind me of traveling.
A conductor punches my ticket at the next signpost.
He keeps up the tradition. I hope to see him tomorrow.
It is only another mile, but I plan to camp here
at the birch trees tonight.
     The village is closer now.
I see some boys tossing a football on the other side of the pond.
A man walks swinging a briefcase by their game.
He is waiting for the train too. A woman yells at her child
to tie his shoelaces. They are both waiting for the train.
It will get here tomorrow. I lie in my tent and read about the pond
where the frogs make chorus like a train punctuating the night.

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