Sunday, April 10, 2011

Read my face

Read my face. I won't turn digital on you.
Brush my eyebrows with your long lashes.
Coil your fingers into my ears. Season my blood
with your breath. Lap at my nose with your wet tongue.
     Consume my hair in your fire.
Rule my earth with the color of your eyes.
Fight my battles with your fists.
I have no protection from you.
My shoulders are your two small mountains.
Your arms of fire dance in my forests.
I bathe my feet in your waters. Build your castle
on my two shoulders. The horizon of your lips
crosses a sea of tenderness. Birth me from the pupil
of your eye. Make my bed in your oceans.
Love me with your clouds. Dress me in your robes.
Give me a scent. Give me dreams in the desert
of your creation. Sleep with me in a home.
Undo my sharp corners. Silence my mind.
Make the sign of peace in all windows.
Witness my life. Toss me to the winds.
     Break my spirit with your law.
Feed me to hungry lands. Test me on your vine.
Rub mud over my eyes. Teach me how to change
colors in autumn. Fill my lungs with tropical air.
Make me as complicated as a snowflake.
Give me a horse to ride. Give him eyes of crescent moons.
     Make his hoofs out of the darkest coal.
Make his nostrils like wildfire.
Shatter my beliefs like thunder.
Give me the faith of all animals.
Let the races tremble at your name.
Lift me out of my body and into yours.
Send me a message that will never be deciphered.
Say my name in the innermost sanctuary of your temple.
Wash my face with the most subtle breeze of spring.
Cast me into the wilderness.
     Wound me with your superior spears.
Renew the enviroment with your fertile mind.
Enrich the soil with my decomposed dreams.
Catch the wildest fox. Turn the army into white light.
Patch the injured with new alphabets.
Critique the ending of this age,
and comment on the beginning of a new day.

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