Thursday, June 7, 2012

Four Honest Men

The four honest men who are the pillars of the world
have written in their resignation.
Job seekers are coming from coast to coast. 
Bells are ringing from office to office. 
A confident young man deduces
that only four positions are available. 
Four homecomings are drawing the tide of the meek
from both sides of the ocean. 
Their actions are soothing the insecurity of nations. 
When they say canvas, you know they are talking
about the possibility of each day. 
Later canvases may even wait until tomorrow. 

I'm running back now to the occasional twig. 
Recent mark making is appreciated for what it is. 
The slow dance of honesty and attention is shining
on a powerful god. 
You pleasurably truthful are struggling with ready made ideas. 
We need to compose an ego behind a screen.
Give the painters daylight that will expose the depth
of our convictions. 
Japan is still something Vincent van Gogh said. 
He composes the four squares of our human condition,
tinted with yellow welfare. 
The overhanging branch is central to the sower
in the bottom third of his existence. 
We need luminaries who will put the pressure on the humanists. 
We need faith that will force the undecided to extremes.

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