Thursday, March 27, 2014

Outside Bells

The truth is still simmering so let's not speak about it.
We will get a taste of it when we lose our posture
and are formed by outside bells. They ring even now
as we blunder our way through the Scriptures.
The preacher is weaving in and out some story
about a car and its mechanic. Cars were created
on the fifth day just before the weekend.
We are meant to use cars lightly in the exploration
of the great desert.

There is a silence in the desert strengthening
the resolve to break stones in half.
A little water is hidden in the rock.
I am carving out hollow places in my soul
for the exhaust of the two great teachings.
I let the car steer where it wills to go.
I find a historian to sit in the passenger seat.
The two of us drive all over the galaxy,
riding the highways presented to us.

As a game, we both write down the mileage and the dates.
Our notes differ, and in the difference the historian
finds the missing link between prayer and vibration.
His model of the universe is one centering on a great debate.
How much is asked for and how much is given?
The car is actually a stone broken in half.
The drivers are honesty and passion.
The broth is the exhaust of their travels.

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