Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Grape

Modesty is to humility as mania
is to a babe learning to ask for more.
Our children are handed the future for a grape.
Be humble in the vineyard of our technologies.
Are we gods or caretakers or both?
This was all given us by a savage who also
wondered at birds.
He became the new Adam eating at the question
locked away in galaxies.
All wonder ceased.
It was as if the birds finally stopped singing
because someone bought the rights to their songs.
We drive by the play list every day,
however gas stations are not for praise,
but someday they will.
It became attractive to fly farm boys
and coal miners' sons around the great tree.
The girls would become teachers if it suited them.
Finally, the thinking is catching up with the music.
How plentiful a meal is when shared without packaging!
How would the blues sound if Mississippi
was another planet, and the earth was her only moon?

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