Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fixing Up a Place

I'm fixing up a place next to heaven's castle.
You're appearing in the windows. I'm watering the plants.
You're cleaning the cobwebs from my mind.
We're sweeping the sawdust from the floor.
I'm feeding the animals. You're fencing in the cows.
I'm brushing the dogs and grooming the horses.
I'm keeping You close because you're my salvation.
You're my neighbor. I can see Your right arm from my door.
You're nourishing my roots in the soil of redemption
I'm polishing Your loving cup. It's catching the light.
I'm trimming the weeds from the property line.
I'm setting up camp. You're climbing the mountains.
I'm naming the stars. You're steering the ship.
I'm scrubbing the deck with the captain's verses.
I'm coasting into the output of Your books.
I'm reaching for a twist in the branch of Your freedom.

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