Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Moshen

He had gone back to the uncharted forest,
traveled into the land of the Elves, watched an Elfin sunset,
and become an insect. A young Elf set the fourth brother
at the base of an elder growth tree. The insect climbed high
into the branches. The young Elf then took the insect
and threw him to the winds. As he fell to the ground
he became a robin. The fourth brother flew back to the land
of men. He crisscrossed the wide plains many times.
They were not peopled except for two huts east of the river
and of course the hall of the brothers in the very center
of the wide plains which were shaped like an octagon
bordered on three sides by the uncharted forest.
In his fifth year of flying, the robin noticed a red structure
two days journey from the huts of Brizzly and Nezzurd.
He landed on the peak of the red place and had a dream.
He dreamed he was an insect again, and it took him
a hundred years to crawl down the red structure.
Once he reached the ground, he became a robin again.
There was a clay jar at the foot of the red place,
and next to it an old crow was drinking from a dish of water.
"I am the fourth brother," the robin addressed the crow.
"Who are you?"
"I am Geometric George," said the crow. ""Your name
is Benjamin."
"Yes, my name is Benjamin," said the robin
who was the fourth brother.
"What is this red place called?" asked Benjamin.
"Geometric George says this is a pyramid."
"What is at the top of the pyramid?" asked Benjamin.
"A piss," said Geometric George.
"Have you ever been to the top of the piss?" asked Benjamin.
"Yes, three other crows and I flew to the top of the piss
in the first age," said Geometric George. "There is dotsy
in the clay jar."
"What is dotsy?" asked Benjamin who was a robin.
"I will pour it over you and onto your wings
and you will know," said the crow.
Then the crow, who was a descendant of the crows
of the uncharted forest, picked up the clay jar,
flapped with it to over above the robin, and dumped the dotsy
onto Benjamin. At once the robin turned into the fourth brother,
a man in the land of men.
"Who are you?" he asked the crow.
"Geometric George says I am a crow," said the crow.
"What is this place?" he asked the crow.
"Geometric George says this is a moshen," replied the crow.
"Do you know where the dotsy river is?" asked the man.
"I will take you there," said the crow.
The crow fluttered a few feet above the ground.
He wandered aimlessly like a butterfly.
"Follow me. My name is George," he said.
That is the end of the adventures of the fourth brother
whose name is now Benjamin.

Benjamin climbed down from the branches of the oak tree.
Brue also climbed down, and they went into the hall
of the family of the crow. The next night Brue dreamed
that the sixth brother, who had interpreted the six spears
standing in a circle dream as pointing to Brue remaining
in the hall, it was this brother who appeared in the branches
of the oak tree. Brue awoke, went outside to the old firepit
where the oak tree was, and it was true. He climbed up
into the oak tree and sat with the sixth brother.
These are the adventures of the sixth brother.
I followed the path Joseph described from the footprints
by the river to the land of the men with beards.
I came to their huts where they were busy eating rice.
However, the men were clean-shaven now.
"Greetings Brizzly and Nezzurd. I am the brother of Joseph
who came to you when you lived in the land of the men
with beards."
Nezzurd went into his hut and returned with a dish.
"You will eat rice with us," he said.
Later Brizzly said, "Let us watch the red smoke, for we
are done eating."
Nezzurd went to his hut and returned with three chairs.
"Sit down with us brother of Joseph. Your name is Trazz."
"Why should that be my name?" asked the sixth brother.
"Because Trazz rhymes with add," said Nezzurd.
"OK fine," said Trazz. "But what of this red smoke
we are going to watch?"
The three of them were sitting by the huts which are two
days journey from the river.
"Look in the direction where the river turns to dropsy,"
said Brizzly.
"What is dropsy?" asked the sixth brother
"It is an unstable form of water," said Nezzurd.
Trazz looked where the men pointed. He saw the red smoke.
"That is beautiful," said Trazz.
"Eh, what is this beautiful?" asked Nezzurd.
"Beautiful is pleasing to the eye," answered Trazz.
Brizzly and Nezzurd considered this.
"Eh, let us walk to this beautiful," said Brizzly.
"But it is more than three days journey," said Trazz.
"We will take our donkey. You can ride on him if you get
footsore," said Brizzly.
Trazz decided this was OK. They loaded the donkey with rice
and departed.

On the third day they noticed the sloping sides of the red smoke.
"That is beautiful," said Brizzly.
"Yes," Trazz agreed.
As they got closer the smoke disappeared. At the base
of the red place was a clay jar. Next to it stood a crow.
"What is this place?" asked Nezzurd.
"This is a moshen," said the crow.
"What is the purpose of a moshen?" asked Brizzly.
"One climbs up to the piss of the moshen," said the crow.
"What is in the clay jar?" asked Trazz.
"It is full of dotsy," said the crow.
"No it isn't," said Trazz. "Dotsy is in the river."
"I will prove it to you," said the crow. He picked up the clay jar
with his claws and flapped with it to the top of the moshen.
From the bottom of the moshen, the three men could see the crow
transformed into a great, green breasted crow with a clay jar
held in his claws. The crow poured the dotsy down all the sides
of the moshen. The moshen became irregular, rounded, sloped
and green. A few trees grew on its sides.
"That is beautiful," said Nezzurd.
The men all agreed. The crow stood besides them.
He had a green breast.
"Brizzly, Nezzurd, and Trazz," spoke the green breasted crow.
"The three of you will climb to the peak of the moshen."
"Yes, that is what we will do," the men agreed.
The three men and one donkey climbed upward stopping
at the few trees on the slopes. Brizzly and Nezzurd counted
the leaves on the trees. The two men determined there were
508 leaves on the trees of the moshen by the time they reached
the peak. The green breasted crow joined them at the top.
"Brizzly, Nezzurd, and Trazz, you will build a fire on the peak
of this moshen," said the green breasted crow.
"Yes," agreed the men. "That is what we will do."
They built a fire and sat down next to its warmth.
Trazz reached under his tunic where he had a package wrapped
in a wool blanket tied to his waist. He untied the package
and opened the wool blanket to produce a fragment of clay
in glazed colors of green and blue like the earth and sky.
"That is beautiful," said Brizzly.
Trazz took the beautiful clay fragment and cast it into the fire.
"Men from the land of men with beards who are now clean-shaven,"
spoke Trazz. "Behold. A Movie!"
The flames began to dance with the green boughs and meadows
of the elder growth forest. Several sparrows appeared in the midst
of a meadow.
"What are those?" Brizzly asked.
"Those are sparrows," the green breasted crow answered.
"What is this place?" asked Nezzurd.
"This is the enchanted woods, home of the Elves," answered Trazz.
"Does this have something to do with the Druid?" asked Brizzly.
"Yes!" answered Trazz, and the three men and one green breasted
crow talked long into the night.
This is the end of the adventures of Trazz. He climbed down
from the oak tree. Brue also climbed down. They went into the hall
of The Family of the Crow to join Joseph and Benjamin.
There they lived. One by one the twelve brothers came back
from their journeys into the far reaches of the wide plains of men.
Many crows spoke. A few robins crisscrossed the sky,
but there were no other inhabitants in the wide plains other than
the twelve brothers and Brizzly and Nezzurd, but a great
improvement had been made. There was now a moshen
in the land of men. This is also chiefly the story of how Brizzly
and Nezzurd came to experience the beauty of the Elves through
the movies of the twelve dreaming brothers.

     The End   

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