Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Robin Song

"You are our leader," the other brothers told Brue.
"Do something to help us."
Brill took the second brother's spear and walked back
to the uncharted forest. He was soon lost again.
A crow 'cawed' at him from an old growth tree.
The crow had an orange chest like a robin.
Brill was afraid and threw his spear at the crow,
but as he threw it the spear turned into a clay jar.
Miraculously, it didn't break as it landed below
the great tree.
"Brill, pick up the clay jar and follow me to the river,"
the crow spoke in plain words.
"How do you know my name?" Brill stammered.
"Have you been watching the Elven movies too?"
"Do not doubt the movies," the crow said on the way
to the river. Soon they could hear the sound of water.
"Brill, fill your far with water and follow the river
back to the plains of men. Pour the water in the jar
into the river in the land of your kind. Then your land
will be fertile again."
Brill did as he was told. It rained, and the land
was fertile again. He told his brothers what had happened,
and they were no longer afraid. Now the youngest brother,
Joseph, sorely missed Brue. He had taken to watching
birds of all kinds in hopes that one of them might be
his lost brother. The clay jar sat in the corner of the house.
Joseph took the jar and ran away in hopes of finding
the uncharted forest. He followed a crow the rest of the way.
Joseph was walking through the old growth trees
when he noticed the clay jar was full of water.
He was afraid. Suddenly, the Druid appeared.
"Joseph, do not be afraid."
"How do you know my name. Am I in the Elven movies too?"
"Many creatures are in the Elven movies," spoke the Druid.
"Drink of the water in the jar, and you will become an insect."
Again, Joseph was afraid. "What if my brother who is a robin
eats me?" he asked.
"This is a risk you will have to take," spoke the Druid.
Peradventure, Joseph drank of the water in the jar.
Immediately, a robin appeared and ate him. The Druid laughed.
He called to the robin, "Why have you eaten your own brother,
oh foolish robin."
The robin could not speak. The Druid chanted to the bird
in robin songs, "Follow the river back to the land
of your brothers. Wait until they make a fire at night
and then fly yourself over the fire."    

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