Sunday, October 14, 2012

An Elfin Sunset

Kabir sometimes appeared to these men as a crow at sunset.
"You will become as insects in the forest if you linger
the full day and a half of an Elven sunset,"
he warned them in plain words.
"Tell me crow, does the afterlife of man ring
in an Elven sunset?" asked a man named Brue.
"I have crossed the far oceans, and I know of no afterlife
of man," Kabir spoke. "It is your only chance to live
many more years than you ordinarily would, although
you will be in the form of an insect."
So Brue lingered, and before the two days were up,
he was in the form of an insect. Later, the brother of Brue
found his way into the enchanted woods. Brue, the insect,
recognized his brother. He tried to catch his attention
by crawling onto the arm of Brill his brother.
At that moment, the Elven movie changed Brue into a robin.
Brill stayed until sunset time, but he became afraid
when the sun would not completely set.
Holding tightly to his spear, he left the woods.

Brill knew not where he was. He entered the uncharted forest
beyond the enchanted woods. A Druid crossed his path.
Again, he was afraid. Brill readied his spear,
but as he threw it the spear turned into a robin.
"Brill, behold. The robin is your brother," spoke the Druid.
"How do you know my name?" Brill whispered.
"I know many names of the creatures in the Elven movies,"
the Druid responded.
"Movies... what are movies," stammered Brill.
"Movies are the gifts of the Elves. Behold, the robin alights
on your shoulder. Follow him back to the wide plains of men."

Brill did as he was told, and once he reached the wide plains
he was no longer afraid. He got back home to the hall
of his family. He told his brothers what had happened.
Brue, the oldest, had been gone a full moon, and his brothers
were afraid. Brill became the leader of his brothers.
Soon there was a famine in the land.  

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